Rocking the Infamous Trip-Up Question

There’s one question that trips up numerous candidates that often turns sure-fire success into misery, doom, and failure.  You almost guaranteed to get this question too:  “What would you say is an area that you need to work on more than others?”  Of course, it may be worded a little differently, and can even be as blunt as, “What are some of your weaknesses?”  However it is asked, you will be prepared to rock this question and not get tripped up.

A great answer to this question is the classic salesperson’s dilemma.  Tell them that since you are a salesperson, you really love the selling part of the job the most, but that the paperwork is something you don’t really have a problem with but certainly have little passion for.  By no means is this an area where you are not good; it is just an area where you need to spend more time being efficient and maybe a little more organized to stay on top of all the paperwork.

In my experience, hiring managers love this answer because they too were in the same boat as a rep. This answer resonates with them even more because, as a manager, they have even more administrative paperwork to contend with.

A good answer like this will help you to answer that sticky question and make a connection with the hiring manager at the same time.  Most times that I used this answer, the manager would laugh and say something like, “I hear what you’re saying!”  If you get that response, then you know that you are also building strong rapport, and that is a very good thing.

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