Rocking the In-Person Interview

You will utilize the 10+1™ Checklist for all your in-person interviews.  It is located later in this chapter and will serve as your interview outline.  When getting ready for the interview, you need to go over the potential interview questions and role play the interview using those questions and your answers.

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For the actual interview, you will bring your brag book and multiple copies of your résumé.  Bring these items in a dark leather folder.

Men should wear a dark suit, a freshly-pressed white dress shirt, a conservative tie, and nicely shined shoes.  You should wear a nice professional watch and no other jewelry.  Women should wear a dress blouse and dress pants or skirt.  Wear conservative makeup and no perfume.  Leave any loud or distracting jewelry at home, and don’t wear dangling earrings.

On your way to the interview, do a once over look at your interview outline and your résumé.  Visualize how it will play out with a successful conclusion.

Arrive fifteen minutes before your interview.  When you are called in, greet the interviewer with a smile and firm handshake.  After a few minutes of introductions and chit chat, you will need to take control of the interview.  You will do this by following the 10+1™ Checklist.

When asked a question, take a moment to compose yourself before answering.  A few seconds of silence is much better than the “ums,” “you knows,” or other stuttering and rambling.  Answer the question completely but concisely, and then stop talking.  This will solidify your confidence and will communicate volumes to the interviewer.

Do not fidget.  Your body language must say that you are comfortable and happy to be speaking with the hiring manager.  Do not be intimidated.  You want to mirror the body language the hiring manager is communicating.  If he leans in to ask you a question, then you will lean in a little to match his body language.  This creates a level of comfort between you and the hiring manager. Be confident that you are going to do well.  You have something up your sleeve that most candidates do not, and you are about to unleash it.

You must remember that you are the product that is being sold in the interview.  Do not forget this fact because this should be the key focal point of the interview.  Of course, you don’t say, “Hey, I’m a great product, and I’m selling myself here.”  Rather you sell yourself by incorporating all the elements of the 10+1™ Checklist.

Based on how well you do with your in-person interviews and who the interviewer was, you may be asked back for additional interviews.  Final interviews may be with a Regional Manager or Sales Vice President.  These interviews are often out of town requiring travel which the company will pay.  For all these interviews, you will really want to replicate your first interview, so always remember to use the 10+1™ Checklist.

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