Rocking the Ride-Along Interview

Once they have narrowed their choice down to the two best candidates, most hiring managers will have the final two candidates ride along with a seasoned rep from the team.  Do not think this is just a fun easy-doing day in the field visiting doctors and learning the ins-and-outs of the job; this ride along serves as a vital part of the selection process.

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Do have a good time, and be polite and helpful with the hosting rep.  At this point, you don’t want to say anything that might raise any red flags for this rep to report back to the hiring manager, so be deliberate about what you’re saying and don’t let your guard down.  Ask the rep questions and say complimentary things.  Follow the famous rule about family gatherings—avoid talking about sex, religion, and politics!  Allow the rep to bring up the topic and be as professional as you can be without coming across as a stiff.

At this point, the job is there for you to lose.  If you are professional, relaxed, and helpful you will be just fine, and the report back to the hiring manager will be positive.  However, if there is anything at all that causes the rep to raise an eyebrow, there’s a good chance that the report back to the hiring manager will be negative.  This could be because you hinted that you might be looking at another company, or that this company is your second choice, or that you thought the hiring manager was a bit of a Nazi, or whatever.  I tell you this because I have had to report some stupid things that candidates said to hiring managers in the past, and I did not hesitate because I wouldn’t have been doing my job had I not.

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